Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo

Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo is a TV Bingo that airs at 5:30pm Central every Saturday night on CTV.

2024 Kin Kar Raffle

We are kicking off our 20234 Kin Kar Raffle! The lucky winner will be able to choose between a $60,000 voucher for Murray Auto Group or opt for a $40,000 cash prize instead. NEW THIS YEAR! Bonus 50/50 Draw. Purchase your tickets today!

Final draw is on June 24th, 2024.

Recent Projects Posts

Motions Passed by Executive August 21 – 22, 2023

Motion to Donate $500 to Bridge to Nowhere (Guy) - month of August 2023. Motioned by Hiren/Kevin Carried August 21, 2023. Motion to Donate $500 to Make a Wish (Thursday Night Riders)  - month of September 2023. Motioned by Hiren/Kevin Carried August 22, 2023

Proposed house rules for review

The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg   HOUSE RULES     Article 1 – Name & Territorial Limits   Article 2 – Membership   Article 3 – Meetings   Article 4 – Officers and Their Duties   Article 5 – Elections   Article 6 – Expense and...

2022 Kin Kar Raffle – Members sales links

Gentlemen, Kin Kar has now been live for just over a month, and I am happy to provide each member their own unique sales link for distribution to generate sales. Kin Kar is an important raffle for our organization, as we have the ability to generate revenue to help...

Hope and Healing with art: Judy Drabik

Judy Drabik is a retired nurse who started making stained glass crane art for our frontline workers.  In hopes of raising the spirits of our hard-working nurses here in Manitoba, Judy has made hundreds of cranes for so many of our dedicated nurses.  The cranes are a...

Kin Kar Raffle

Gentlemen, A couple of Kin Kar updates for you: - we are nearing $100,000 in sales. Let’s band together to reach $100,000 before the draw date of June 27th. If you need assistance with your sales link, please let me know. - The draw location and time has been amended...