Kin Kar has now been live for just over a month, and I am happy to provide each member their own unique sales link for distribution to generate sales.

Kin Kar is an important raffle for our organization, as we have the ability to generate revenue to help support our service initiatives, while also supporting over 100 community organizations as sales partners. The visibility this raffle provides to our club has been, and will continue to be instrumental in the community awareness around the Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg.

The success of this raffle depends on all of us, and as such, you are encouraged to distribute, and re-distribute your sales link to help generate sales. The link can be posted to your social media, emailed out to your family/friends/colleagues, and for every ticket you sell you can choose which charity you would like your proceed of the ticket sales to go towards. As an added benefit, the member who sells the most  tickets will have their annual fees (member dues and activities/meals assessment) waived for the 2022/2023 Kin year.

The member sales codes are as follows:

Hiren (RMHC)

Chris (MS Society)

Trevor (RMHC)

Troy (Childrens Rehab Foundation)

Cole (Manitoba Underdog Rescue)

Tim (CF)

Guy Madill

Ken Cooke

Jermaine (OVOT)

Kevin Touney

Kevin Sauter

Derek Proudlove

Paul Stimpson

Bill Chambers

Wes Whiteside

Please reach out if you have any questions.