Kin Kar 2021 is well on its way to going live!

The lottery license has been applied for and the Funding change webpage is set up. Here are a few additional updates for your information:

– Lotteries required the submission of a few reports ahead of being able to process our Kin Kar raffle application. Last I heard these were being submitted and should not be holding up our application any further. I will follow up with LGCA for an update today.
– Kelsey (our marketing communications staff member) is working in some graphics and communications to encourage 50/50 groups to participate on our bingo show. She is waiting on a new computer and is doing what she can with the free software she has. Further updates to who’s will be provided as available.
– I have confirmed 7 – 50/50 groups at this point, and have not heard back from the Air Cadet League of Manitoba who expressed a keen interest in participating this year. I had already sent out requests to all of the Air, Army, and Sea cadet groups in Manitoba, of which I have confirmation from 3 air cadet squadrons wishing to participate. Ok fully expect to grow this list significantly over the next couple of weeks.
– once we have our license, our sales page will go live and I will communicate those details out to everyone.

Any questions please feel free to reach out any time.