The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg has donated $6000 towards the OHEYS Autism Camp for 2013.

Who are we?

OHEYS is a registered charity in Manitoba that designs and delivers community-based activity programs for children and teens on the autism spectrum. We promote the principles of healthy children and families, and the full and active participation of children with autism in our community.

OHEYS does not duplicate any existing services presently offered in Manitoba. Our mandate is to provide group activity opportunities, with a high coach-to-child ratio, where we will work pro-actively on social and physical skills in that setting. We provide direct community service to families of children with autism, and provide professional and leadership training and experience to high school and university youth as coaches and volunteers. Volunteers are an essential part of our programs, and typical siblings are always encouraged to volunteer. We have a family friendly approach, as we recognize the important role parents play in planning for their child’s success.

We are proud of what we do.

  1. We are proud to offer programs to support children and teens with autism, at every level of ability, who work so hard to try to understand and to participate in the world around them.
  2. We are proud to work closely with parents, and to set pro-active goals with parents, whose wish 24-7 (24 hours+7 days a week) is to see their child live a happy and included life.
  3. We are proud to support community volunteering for youth by providing opportunities for them to work hard, learn more about children with special needs, get a resume booster, and exercise the community responsibility that makes everyone feel good about themselves.
  4. We are proud to provide employment and training opportunities for the many enthusiastic coaches and supervisors who will be our future professionals, working directly in the classroom and in the community to provide leadership in autism services.
  5. We are proud to work with sponsors in our community to deliver programs that develop skills, yet are affordable and accessible. We recognize that quality activity programs for children and families with autism cannot be both exclusively user-funded and accessible to all. We are proud of our community, which joins us to make a real difference to children and families living with autism.