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Kingo bingo has arrived!

Kingo Bingo is similar to Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo, but with a few twists. Essentially, The Bigger the Jackpot, the Easier it is to Win! The big Jackpot grows by $1 from every card sold, and is won by having a blacked out card in 50 numbers or less. If the Jackpot has not been won in 5 weeks, then on the 6th week it will be 51 numbers or less, on the 7th week it will be 52 numbers or less, and so on until a there is a winner. As an added bonus to Serving our Community, we will be making a donation equal to the Jackpot to a worthwhile charity LIVE on the air whenever the Jackpot is awarded! Kingo Bingo will only air on Shaw TV (Channel 9 in Winnipeg) every Sunday at 5:30pm.

Kingo Bingo cards will be sold in most Winnipeg stores wherever Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo cards are available. We will also be looking into selling cards in other major areas of Manitoba wherever Shaw TV is available. If you have Shaw in an area where cards are not sold and are able to view the Kingo Bingo broadcast, we will also have direct web orders from our website soon. Cards will be $3 for 3 plays.