The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg has donated $3,000 to the Feed My Lambs Street Mission.

Beginning In October of 2007, Hilde Purdy started Feed My Lambs and prepared hot food and sandwiches to serve to street people where they were, on the street. She did this completely on her own, two evenings per week.

What started as 50 sandwiches quickly escalated to over 180 sandwiches as demand grew. The need was greater than she had thought.

In the first 11 months Hilde spent over $18,000 out of her own pocket for bread, meat and other food. She realized she needed to reach out for some help.

As the Word spread, other individuals and groups became inspired to help.

You can help in many ways.

Fund Raisers Gas up at Co-Op, use ourmembership number 0346656

Co-Op will send us a portion of your purchase once a year.  It really adds up!

Fund Raisers Shop at Sobeys and use ourClub Sobeys points number 6061721026326961

We will collect Club Sobeys points which can be used to purchase food.