Well, it’s almost here!  We have 10 days until we celebrate 100 years of Kin Canada as an organization.  Attendance is looking better than expected and we have a GREAT evening planned.  We will be joined by Kin from several other clubs as well as.many of our charity partners and bingo outlets.  These include Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Special O, the Dream Factory, and several others.  I really hope we can get as many members as we have at  town coming out for this.

I want to throw a massive thank you to Raj and Mark Morris for stepping in to make this event happen.

This being said, we will need help the day of so some things we need we very one to do

1. If you’re coming but haven’t signed up yet, please go to the website and register.  We need numbers for Tuesday at the latest for the kitchen. Dinner is prime rib, just sayin.

2. Tickets are $65 each but as mentioned this will be waived if you are able to donate a prize for the silent auction.  Remember, we are also raising money for the Kin Canada Bursary Fund.  Prize packs should be worth about $150 retail a piece.  Please drop off at the bingo office before next Friday.  If you can’t,   At the very least, please let me know what you’re bringing so we can plan.

3. Speaking of raffles, we’ll need people to help sell tickets and man the registration table the night of.  We’ll need people selling tickets during the cocktail hour and during breaks in dinner etc.


Other than that, I’m just really looking forward to celebrating 100 years of the association and the great things our organization has accomplished.  Plus, in true Kin fashion, we’re gonna have some fun!

Yours in Kin