Present: Christian, Tim, Raj, Trevor, Chris,
1. Approval of minutes from last meeting: Raj/Christian – Carried
2. Approval of Agenda:
3. Membership: Have a general meeting on 13 July 2020 on the back deck and Raj will organize the food.
4. Treasurer: IG Balances as per Tim’s email on 22 June 2020.
5. Projects: Bingo – We might hit 35,000 cards this week for bingo. The transition of going back to stores will be taking place soon. Online sales has turned into a big success and will be challenging to manage the online and in-store business once we are doing both. We are shipping 20,000 to stores and will maintain 25,000 for online sales. Anything left over a week prior to the game for online sales will be distributed to stores that want/need.
6. Service: RMH – Trevor sent the agreement for the capital campaign. Everything looks good and no concerns with anything. Christian’s Cycle for Childhood Cancer – Tim made a motion to donate $1,000 to Cycle challenge Canada (Chris/Trevor) Carried!
7. New Business: a. Operations Manager Process – Went with People First and now we need to determine who the hiring committee will be. We will then schedule a meeting with People First to set up the first meeting. The hiring committee should be a maximum of 4 people. b. Change Over meeting – July 6, 2020 Location TBD c. Basement renovations to refresh the flooring, paint, and update the kitchen space in the basement. Tim will send out a survey monkey for a budget of $50,000 for the renovation work.
8. Activities: a. Golf Tournament – July 25th at Kingswood Golf Course. Not much planning has gone into effect. Chris will reach out to find out what restrictions will be in place and determine what will take place as far as meals etc. We will do cooler carts with beer and water and give everyone more tickets for the beer cart on the course. We have 25 BBQ aprons and will look into some other swag to give out to people.
9. Adjournment: Trevor – Carried