Elina Garina is a 13-year-old artist who volunteered her artistic talents to illustrate a comic book in support of kids affected by Cancer. 

The comic book was started by the people behind the Superheroes Against Cancer social media support group and it has since been shared with children involved with The Dream Factory. It has also been distributed to some other kids across the world who are affected by cancer. 

Elina volunteered to help with this project in the height of the pandemic while constantly adapting to school system changes. Despite all the added stress and uncertainty, she was determined to stick with it. Her dedication resulted in a beautifully-illustrated comic book that will help encourage and empower so many children being affected by Cancer. 

The comic book is now for sale to anyone who wants a copy, with proceeds being split between The Dream Factory and Westman Dreams for Kids. 

Thanks for all your hard work, Elina! You’re truly an inspiration.