Friday Morning at 5:00am Dave Parkinson,John Powell,and myself showed up to man the phones for Winnipeg Harvest Harvesting fundraiser .Nobody was there yet. John and myself decided to wait it Dave’s car. We yakked a bit then somebody showed. I had my bag of stuff and a steeped tea from Tim’s. The guys had coffee too. We waited inside the door nobody new where to go or what they really had to do. Garry one of the office people said in here guys. There was a local volunteer his name was Dave too. The slips we had to write on were in black and white luckily brought my own writing material you know yellow paper and a red pen. I was prepared. Garry managed to get the phones working. Now we had to wait for the phone calls apparently the phone in fundraiser with CBC radio wasn’t supposed to start until am. I bet we all got up at 4:30am. Somebody got a whole lot of info wrong can I say that again wrong,wrong. Cool down Guy. Garry asked us if we wanted to know if we wanted eats and MacDonald’s Coffee sure we said. We all got to talking about every thing even the Dave the local volunteer started yakking too. Garry back. Boy the coffee and eats hit the spot. Garry gave some pointers on how to answer the phones. We were ready for the big rush no phone calls yet waiting,waiting. Finally we heard a ring. It was Big John’s phone ringing. We were all waiting to find out how much. Not a bad start $40.00 not bad another call,one more call. My phone is ringing now what am I going to say am I going to screw up It was a little hard to hear at first I moved my headset around. I can hear. Good Morning Winnipeg Harvest how can I help you I heard that Harvest is needing some help. That’s great can I get your name,address your calling from out of town. Thanks for helping. Are you going to make this donation by money order or credit card. The client said credit card and here’s the big how much are you going to donate when he told I almost fell off my chair did I hear you write $350.00. That’s great can I ask why you were calling this morning ,was their a special reason the client said I heard on the radio show there was a need at Winnipeg Harvest was in more need this year than other years. I wished the client a merry Christmas and thanks for help. I was all excited about my call. A little time went by Dave,Dave, John received more calls. We were on a roll. I have time to eat the rest of my food and have some Coffee. By the way it was great Coffee Seven’ clock come and gone I get another call we go through the same routine and then the client tells me how much they are donating. That’s great I hope you you have great Christmas all the best in the new year. It was 7:30ish. I have to pack it in I have to work at 8:00am. I brought my camera I better take some cool pics for our website and the bulletin. Here you go I will send the other one of Dave in a little bit. Huge thanks goes to the people who called in another big thanks go out to Winnipeg Harvest for the eats and coffee it sure hit the spot. I would like to do it again sometime. PS I drove home and I heard on the radio they were looking at $14000.00 at 9:30 am I think. I think the radio people need a big Christmas hug to for sticking with it. Good on ya and Good on ya Volunteers. I did make a donation myself. It is a great cause. That’s me Talk to ya YIK Guy Madill