During the month of January, Riley Chervinski started experimenting with making soy/beeswax candles in various shapes and colours. She posted a photo to her instagram of some female torso-shaped candles, and received a surprising amount of interest from people who wanted to purchase them.

Riley decided instead of profiting on the candles-which she started doing as a hobby-she charged $10 per candle to be donated to two women’s shelters. She raised $440 from “selling” the candles!

“If I’d simply donated the cost of the supplies to make the candles, it would have only been an $88 donation,” she said. “So doing it this way was much more impactful!”

She split the donation 50/50 between the North Point Douglas Women’s Shelter and Ndinawe Safe House, resulting in a $220 donation for both organizations. Winnipeg Kinsmen then donated $500 to each of the organizations in her honour. 

Riley is now has an Instagram account specifically for displaying, marketing and selling her handmade soy candles in various fun shapes called Soy Yesterday.

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