The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg regularly receives requests from Social Workers at the Health Sciences Centre for donations towards patients in need. Our club has donated to several such requests last month.

Lana is a new cancer patient, who until recently provided care for her husband with cerebral palsy. She has requested the use of a motorized scooter for the duration of her treatments. After that time, she will return the scooter to us, and we will then donate it to the Society for Manitobans for Disabilities. We have also aided Lana and her husband for the next few months with medication and groceries. (approx $3000)

Brendan is an 84 year old patient at Health Sciences Centre, and has had both his legs amputated. While in his wheelchair, it is difficult for him to adjust himself and shift his weight in his seat to prevent sores from developing. We have provided funding for a specialized cushion and backrest that will help prevent these sores from developing, as well as make him as comfortable as possible (approx $1500)

Linda is a single lady who requires the use of a wheelchair to stay mobile. Unfortunately, her wheelchair does not always suit her needs in various ways. She has requested a motorized scooter to aid her in her every day life, which we have provided. (approx $2500)

Special thanks to Kinsmen members Vince Thiessen, Len Pugh, and William Horner for researching and bringing up these service requests.