Winnipeg Harvest is currently providing emergency baby formula to 1,724 infants under 12 months each month.

?Our supply is simply inadequate to meet the demand,? said Carol Ellerbeck, Executive Coordinator, Winnipeg Harvest. ?Last year we bought $60,000 worth of formula with generous monetary donations to supplement the formula people gave us because we don?t want any child in our community under one year of age to go without this basic necessity.?

One in five Manitoba children live in poverty. 65.8% of Manitoba children who are in low-income households live with family members who work full time.

The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg has donated $7,000 specifically for the purchase of baby formula. The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg also announced earlier this year that they are donating a five ton truck to Winnipeg Harvest to replace one of nine existing Harvest trucks that is nearing the end of its? lifespan. The Winnipeg Harvest team gratefully acknowledges this important contribution.

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Winnipeg Harvest provides emergency food to 36,781 people each month. Almost half ? 17, 256 ? are children.