The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg will be volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest this weekend. We will be helping with the sorting, loading, unloading, and distribution of food and hampers. We may even help in the delivery of some food items in the new Winnipeg Harvest truck that we purchased for them earlier this year! 🙂

On Thanksgiving morning, the Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg will be at Agape Table soup kitchen serving Thanksgiving Dinner. Our club also donated $3,000.00 towards Agape Table so that they would be able to hold this special Thanksgiving Dinner.

Special Thanks to Kinsmen member Lorne Mansky for organizing both events.

Thanks to Kinsmen Volunteers for Winnipeg Harvest:

Terry Genik, Guy Madill, Lorne Mansky & Doris, Tim Gadsby & Kristen, Tim McKay

Thanks to Kinsmen Volunteers for Agape Table:

Kevin Sauteur & Imelda, Guy Madill, John Madill, Brian Hunter, Lorne Mansky & Father (Lloyd), Ken & Theresa Cooke, Burkhardt Faller, Mark Kubinec